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The goal of the four Mantovani generations has always been to best satisfy the needs of customers looking for clothing, footwear and accessories of unquestionable quality and modernity.

The history of Mantovani stores is over 70 years old. The innovation process in which we continue to invest resources and people has never stopped. Every two years, new properties have been acquired, shops have been renovated and new sales outlets, offices, tailor's or warehouses have been opened.

Valdarno is, in fact, famous throughout the world as an area dedicated to the production of luxury accessories and leather goods . Another feature of this area is the presence of the most important luxury shopping centers in the world.

Over the generations, Mantovani has become number one luxury multi-brand in Valdarno, with an omni-channel presence and interconnection, to take care of all customer needs.

The city of San Giovanni Valdarno is 48 km from Florence, 42 km from Arezzo, 55 km from Siena, and is located in the center of Valdarno, which is very populated and productive and has around 100,000 inhabitants.

In fact, the area is universally recognized as being of great interest for the production and sale of high-end clothing and accessories. Some of the largest outlet centers in Europe are based here, contributing to an excellent flow of buyers.

The main store, dedicated to the first men's and women's lines, renovated in 2018 together with the architect Baciocchi, is spread over two floors where collections of clothing, accessories, bags and footwear from the best international fashion brands are displayed. The surface area is over 500 m2 , plus over 1000 m2 for offices, tailoring, online department and warehouses. The area is completed with 5 large windows in San Giovanni Valdarno alone, which also include the Kids shop and the more youthful sportswear shop.

Max Mantovani, which to celebrate 30 years of activity was completely renovated in 2015, exposed bricks, natural metal furniture, recycled flooring make it a modern and at the same time welcoming space, in perfect loft style.

Another 2 sales points, again in Tuscany, Mantovani CDP, are located in Castiglione Della Pescaia, one of the most evocative tourist destinations in the Maremma, very popular during the summer but also in spring and autumn.

Finally, Mantovani GIC, our sales point located in Greve In Chianti, immersed in the Tuscan hills famous worldwide for its Chianti Classico wine. Our store is located near the main square of the place, an extremely suggestive and characteristic place. It enjoys great tourism from April to October from all over the world.

For many years we have also taken care of the online part of our company with many marketplaces to which our e-commerce and our APP have recently been added.